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About us

The Laurentiusgildet is a historical fencing club, located in the town of Århus, Denmark, that focusses on German medieval and renaissance fencing. We concentrate on longsword fencing, with or without armour and on sword and buckler fencing.

TalhofferOur research is based on fencing manuscripts from the 14th – 17th century although with focus on the 14th–15th century. Countless happy hours have been spent over these manuals, transcribing and interpreting their at times cryptic writings.

We often travel around Europe and attend historical fencing events as we feel network building and the sharing of research is important for continual development of our skills as both practitioners and researchers of historical fencing.

German fencing is not about flashy big theatrical movements. German fencing is an art where our key words are timing, distance and the beautiful words: "Fühlen" and "Indes". Understanding these words are all important if you want you fence like a German fencer.

SchutzIt is important to wear protective equipment if you want to practice the art of medieval German fencing. We wear fencing masks, padded leather jackets, elbow protection, gloves, chest protection and groin protection when we spar with each other. The head is perhaps the most important target in medieval fencing so masks are worn at all times when doing either drills/exercises or sparring.

In our fencing club we feel that blunt steel swords are the only thing that comes close to real sharp swords. So this is what we use at all times. That being said we are more than willing to try out new sword simulators but have so far not seen anything that we find more realistic than blunt steel.

For video demonstrations of some historical armoured fencing techniques please see the video section.